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"... helps teachers build children's confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills."

                                                                                                              - Amy L. Boterf, Principal



Acorn Academy will maintain the use of curriculum which facilitates exploratory and discovery learning. It will be both engaging and rigorous. Acorn Academy divides the academic year up into specific themed units of learning which cover approximately six weeks each. Each unit will be supported with hands-on learning activities, worksheets, stories, poems, songs, sensory activities, and themed centers


Acorn Academy believes learning should be fun, hands-on, and investigative of real-world problems and solutions. We have chosen our curriculum based on exploratory method, engaging style, and rigour.

3 yr old

Our Pre-K for 3's curriculum is a center's based approach which includes teacher-facilitated group learning times. We believe the work of children is play. Our PreK 3's curriculum introduces age appropriate concepts with fun activities and games created to stimulate a 3-year-olds mind.

4 yr old 

Our Pre-K 4's curriculum follows the path of our 3's curriculum with added rigor needed to satisfy the growing mind of a 4-year-olds. With weekly science experiments and themed learning units, your 4-year-old will gain a wealth of knowledge that will lay the foundation for the up coming primary years of school.

5 yr old

Our curriculum is carefully selected from the top products of publishers known for their consistent student success. Some of our publishers will include ABEKA, Bob Jones, Sassafras Science, and more.